What is bnbatlas?

  • bnbtlas is a web service created for short stay hosts in order to provide guests with a basic property guide combining information on the place and frequently asked questions. Additionally it provides city guide with local attractions, public transport, events and other local services.
  • The guides are being constantly updated as part of the bnbtlas ecosystem.
  • The benefit for hosts is to answer most of the guests questions beforehand and therefore reducing the number of messages.

Is there a demo available of the service?

Yes, you can visit it here.

How do I know if bnbatlas is available for my city?

bnbatlas is available in all cities worldwide. The update frequency of the city guide will depend on how many hosts there are in the city. Some services may be limited depending on the data sources we have available.

How much does it cost?

$29 USD (excluding VAT) per month. There is no setup fee.

In which language the guide is available?

  • All the content and guides are currently only available in English.
  • Coming soon to bnbatlas you will have the option to purchase translations for your property guide.

How is the payment working?

The payments are processed via Paypal on a monthly basis.

When does the guide appear to the guests?

The guests will see the guide as soon as yousend them the link to the guide.

I want to update the content of the guide?

Simply contact us with your updates.

Need to contact us?

Please use our contact page in order to get in touch with us.

Business inquiries?

Please email us at [email protected]